FOCI-V @ Koç University
Pathways for Progress/ion: What We Do Do, Don’t Do and Could Do

Date: 9am-5pm Thursday 10th May and 9am to 1pm Friday 11th May 2012
Venue: Koç University Campus, Sarıyer, Istanbul.

In May 2010 the Curriculum Team of Sabancı University School of Languages set up a forum for representatives from a range of universities in Turkey and North Cyprus to come together to discuss curriculum issues in university foundation EAP programmes preparing learners for their undergraduate studies in English. The FOCI project has now become a regular one-and-a-half-event to be held twice a year in collaboration with different host institutions. We are pleased to announce that FOCI-V will be organised in collaboration with Koç University English Language Center.

To provide an opportunity for representatives from a range of foundation EAP programmes in different state, foundation and private universities within the Turkish context to come together in order to:
• discuss issues of concern in the areas of needs analysis, syllabus writing, implementation, and programme evaluation;
• share experiences and ideas relevant to curricular issues from their diverse contexts;
• raise mutual awareness of the activities and approaches to curriculum issues in other programmes;
• build relationships and links between the curriculum teams in different institutions.

We are all aiming to develop a programme that optimises our learners’ motivation, deals with their failure and maximizes their success. However, among our institutions we have a multifarious range of practical approaches to meeting this challenge. At the same time, we all have to work within the certain limits of resources and external restrictions. Following suggestions from the last FOCI event, the theme of FOCI-V will therefore be “Pathways for Progress/ion: What We Do Do, Don’t Do and Could Do.” and the forum will aim to explore the issues such as number, length & pace of courses/levels/whole programme, modular or non-modular approach, exit-levels, supporting weaker students, dealing with repeat courses and learners who are unable to complete the programme in the expected time, etc.

The forum will take an informal and hands-on approach to the practical “nitty-gritty” of curriculum work aiming to complement the formal presentation of papers or workshops to be found at other professional gatherings such as conferences, seminars and workshops. It is intended that participants will come away from the Forum with concrete examples of how other institutions have responded to the challenges raised by the theme. This will involve whole-group discussion and smaller groups focusing on particular areas who will then feedback to the whole group. The topics of the focus group will be decided from suggestions made by participants on the registration form.

Any university providing EAP programmes to prepare students for their undergraduate studies in Turkey or Northern Cyprus is invited to send one representative: a member of a syllabus or curriculum team, or other teacher who is involved in curricular development.
 In order to ensure efficient and focused discussion and an informal atmosphere, places are limited to one representative from each institution.
 If interest exceeds capacity, places will be allocated randomly from applications received by the closing date, while ensuring a range of different types of university and geographical spread in order to ensure the widest variety of perspectives.

  • There is no fee and refreshments and lunch will be provided free of charge.
  • The language of the forum will be English
  • The deadline for registration is 1st March, 2012.

To register use this link:
For enquiries contact:

Campus location: The campus is situated near Sariyer. There are university shuttles from Beşiktaş, Balmumcu, Zincirlikuyu 1. and 4. Levent and Sarıyer. If you are coming from either Airport you can take the Havaş to Taksim and then the metro to 4.Levent and from Sabiha Gokçen Airport, there is an IETT bus to 4.Levent; Click here for transport details:

Accommodation: There is a possibility that accommodation in student dormitories on the campus may be available for participants. If you are interested in the possibility of such accommodation, please indicate this on the registration form. If you require hotel accommodation, locations along the metro line from Taksim to 4.Levent are probably the best option.